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This form is for adding a URL to Erotica Index.

If your site is currently listed in Erotica Index and you would like to make changes, please use the change form.

In order to provide the best experience for users, there are certain standards that we maintain with our URL listings.

· There is a limit of three (3) links per individual/company.

· Your site title and description must accurately match your site content.

· Sites with excessive ad banners, pop-up windoes, etc, will not be listed.

· Sites on free hosts that do not allow pornography (ie. Geocities, Angelfire) will not be listed, and in fact will be reported.

· Sites that display, link to, or insinuate illegal content such as bestiality, copyrighted materials, or child pornorgraphy(lolitas)/nudity will not be listed.

· No redirect or CGI links.

· If your site says it is free, then it should really be free. Sites using Adult Verfication Systems sites are not considered free.

· You must enter a valid email address for us to complete the approval process. Your privacy will be respected at Erotica Index. Click for a pop-up window explaining our privacy policy.

· Please do not Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word, DO NOT USE ALL CAPS, and avoid excessive punctuation!!!

Maximizing Traffic to Your Site from Erotica Index
· Post a message about your site on the Graffiti Board. Anything goes, no approval neccessary.

· Post an Erotica! Personal Ad featuring a model from your site. This is the most visited page on the site!

Add An Erotica Index Reciprocal Link
Erotica Index does not require a link back or banner advertisement, HOWEVER, your site get's put on our "priority" list for review, and it will instantly will give your site more weight in visitor searches. This means more quality sites for them and more traffic for E Index and you.

· Erotica Index does not ask for any special location for reciprocal links if placed.

· The better the location of a link-back, the more weight you recieve.

· It's the right thing to do. We send traffic to your site, so why not return the favor?

Information for Linking to Erotica Index
I've read all of the above. I'm ready!
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