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Erotica For Everyone! Introduction:

Erotica Index, the premium adult search engine and web portal, understands that the computer world is not only a complex place, but also a very diverse one.  Different people prefer different cars, clothes, and even computers and software.  This makes it hard sometimes to make a web site that is able to fully support every type of software used to get to them, but we're up to the challenge. 

We're also up to the challenge of giving people the power of choice of language.  It is a well known fact that most pages on the internet are written in English, and although that's fine for 75% of the internet's visitiors, why leave people out of the loop if we don't have to?  That's why we now offer the GO translator, powered by Systran.  Click on the language you want and anywhere on the site you visit will be displayed in that language, even under the search engine results!


Erotica For Everyone! is our mission to give people the best viewing pleasure possible.  Most web sites have trouble staying 100% compatible with AOL and WebTV.  AOL's past browsers have problems reading web page code that today's browsers can handle just fine.  WebTV's small viewing screen and inability to handle much in the way of Java and many kinds of common web site add-ons requires low programming & graphics and instead a lot of text.  Our mission is to try and provide both of these, while also giving Internet Explorer and Netscape viewers a good looking site.  This is so we can best provide the highest quality and compatibility with today's leading software and internet service providers. (See below "Listed Companies" for language "Why?")

For AOL Users : AOL version 4.x and above should be able to view the site without any errors or without losing out on any of our features.  If you use a version before 4.0 we strongly suggest updating your version of AOL or downloading Netscape 4.7x or Internet Explorer 5.x

For WebTV Users : WebTV has, in the past, had trouble with our site.  We've taken measures to make it as compatible as possible and keep our graphics to a minimum to help maximize the WebTV experience. 

For Netscape Users :  Netscape version 4.x and above are recommended for the viewing of this site.  If you have a lower version or appear to be having difficulties please either update it or use Internet Explorer, which we highly recommend.

For Internet Explorer (MSIE) Users :  Version 3.0 and above should be compliant with every function of the site.  If you appear to be having problems we strongly suggest you update your browser.

You may view Erotica Index appropriately at 800x600 resolution, 16bit color, and Internet Explorer 5.0 or above with Java enabled (version 1.2 or above).  Erotica Index is best viewed at 1024x768 resolution, 32bit color, Internet Explorer 5.0 or above, with Java enabled (version 1.2 or above). 

For a popup window with your personal system information which you may compare to our version table (above) please Click Here.  Please have javascript enabled before using this feature.

Listed Companies: AOL  WebTV  Netscape  MSIE

In addition, people should have not only the freedom of software but the freedom of language.  Putting the GO translator on our page allows people of all nationalities to fully appreciate our site. 

Please Note: Entertainingly enough, the GO translator may not be compatible with older browsers and WebTV.  In addition, the translator seems to cause an error in an automated script we have running on the page.  While in translation mode, the text links at the very bottom of the page may not work correctly.  We apologize for any level of inconvenience this may cause.


WebTV, GO, and AOL are trademarks of their respective companies.  We are not affiliated with these companies and do not provide any level of technical support for their individual services.  Erotica For Everyone! is mission provided soley by Erotica Index.