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About Us:

Thanks for taking a real interest in the staff of Erotica Index, the premium adult search engine!
Our goal is to create a search engine that will promote only the best in adult entertainment.  We're avoiding bullsh*t scams, popup banner hell sites, and sites that ONLY benefit off of click-throughs and aren't interested in doing anything more than giving you a run-around. 

The Erotica Index is all about quality and helping sites that really deserve attention get it.  We specialize in amateur sites, the sites that are the real backbone of the adult industry.   You won't see any password "hack" sites here as they're all honestly just scams anyway.  We want to do our best to provide a pleasant experience to our visitors.

All URL listings are scrutinized before they are approved to be listed in our database.

Fast download time. Very few banners and images.

No blind links. Unlike some other Adult search sites, we don't mislead our visitors.

There are no hidden adgenas with our URL listings.

Relavant search results. Vistors can find what they want with relative keywords.

The Staff:

So now you'd like to learn about the people behind the scenes of Erotica Index.  In the words of the wizard, ignore the man behind the curtain.  We're all in agreement to not promote ourselves individually, but instead to focus on the site.  We can assure you that we're all a bunch of psychotic nuisances to society with no hidden agendas, we just love porn and feel this kind of site is looong overdue.  So sit back, relax, bookmark our site, and enjoy our work.

We hope you enjoy the site and come back to visit often. Be sure to bookmark the site, and feel free to contact us -- vistors and Webmasters alike -- we'd love to hear from you.

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