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This privacy statement applies only to Erotica Index and it's respective services.  Questions regarding this statement should be directed to

For privacy questions regarding each individual site that is linked directly to Erotica Index, please refer to their individual privacy policies.  Erotica Index does not cover privacy on any site but Erotica Index unless otherwise specifically stated.

Erotica Index is an amazing service.  It has numerous links to web sites that pertain to Erotic materials and/or graphic images.  With only a few mouse-clicks, you can follow up on Erotica news, look up hot sites, buy goods, sign up for whatever sites catch your attention, and communicate via our threads with others from around the world.

It's important to Erotica Index and it's staff to help it's visitors retain their privacy while they take advantage of everything our site has to offer.  Erotica Index exists to help people such as yourself find worthwhile and quality sites to visit without spending hours on search engines or being bombarded by "popup" banners and windows trying to get you to click their links so they can make some loose change.  We aim to give you this in the form of Erotica Index by promoting only those sites who are real:  Provide actual services, don't send you to a top100 page every link you click, or are only interested in getting you to click through and not provide you with any services they originally said they would.

Because your privacy is important to us, Erotica Index shamlessly makes the following promises with every intent on keeping all of them but the one about midgets:

Privacy Promises:

Promise 1:  Erotica Index, at which time you sign up for one of it's services, will only ask for information that it and only it needs so that it may personally indentify you ("Personal Information").  Erotica Index will never extend this reach for "personal information" past a User ID, a Password, and Email Address(s) unless specifically required for a service or account.  This information is not required to navigate a majority of the site.  Erotica Index reserves the right to use any infomation (including Email addresses) provided from special services or gathered in any other way directly related to Erotica Index for it's own uses provided that these uses do not directly involve giving the information recieved to any entity other than Erotica Index, it's parent company - HiRise Entertainment, or one of it's affiliates.

Promise 2:  Your personal information may be used in private polls only made public via sites on Erotica Index or it's parent company.  In the event such polls are made public, Erotica Index will not provide publically information that could potentially allow any individual to make direct contact with any other individual.

Promise 3:  Erotica Index will not send you any unsolicited information, including email, except under the terms and conditions covered in Promise 1 in this document.  Erotica Index may be required to send you information about a service or an account, but will not intentionally allow another site not under the affiliates of Erotca! Index or it's parent company to use your personal information for solicitation.

Promise 4:  If at any time you believe that Erotica Index has not adhered to these principles, please notify us by email at and we will either use all reasonable efforts to promptly determine and correct the problem, or we'll use the clause covered in the 4th paragraph under the "Privacy Statement" in this document to cover our asses.

Promise 5:  You will never see a single solitary midget on this site.  If at any time you do and are able to prove it the staff that moderates Erotica Index will lose their souls to Satan and upon death will suffer an eternity in hell.  As compensation for this horrendous breakage of promises, we will mail to you the most up-to-date America Online promotional disk with free hours (not yet used as a cup coaster) we are able to find.  In the unlikely event we are unable to obtain an America Online CD we will promptly do nothing and send you nothing.  If in the even more unlikely event you complain at our lack of action concerning the midget content, we will ask you for your home contact information and submit it to every major company AOL works with so that you'll never stop recieving the horrible 500 free hour disks to their laggy service.

For further information about our privacy statement, see the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Erotica Index belong to any other privacy organizations?

Not really.  As stated in the first sentence of the first paragraph under the Privacy Statement provided by Erotica Index, the statement only applies to Erotica Index.  Erotica Index's parent company and affiliates do not recognize this policy but their policies are recognized by Erotica Index because there is no company break.  Erotica Index is moderated by a group of guys who's balls clank when they walk who are employed by HiRise Entertainment Inc, a child company of Enteractive Resources, a really big company with lots of vowels.  In other words, we won't give out your email but they don't have to listen to us.

What about Cookies!?

I personally like them.  They're just good.  When someone tells me they accomplished something big I occasionally ask them if they want a cookie.  Usually they do, but I don't provide cookies as a service, I do web sites.  Oh.. those  kinds of cookies.  If you get one while you're on here, it's simply for information that needs to be stored on your computer's hard disk for record-keeping purposes.  Cookies can be deleted and/or eaten without harming your ability to access a service or feature, but this isn't recommended.. at least not the deleting part.  In some rare cases you may not be able to take full advantage of a web site if you disable cookies in your browser.

What about the Privacy of children?

As far as I'm concerned children's lives are none of my business.  Oh, you mean safeguarding the personal information of children on the internet.  If a child accesses this site then he/she's not where he/she needs to be.  Children 17 and under should be outside playing anyway.  We do not screen in any way those who visit our site nor do we have to by law.  Parents are our disclaimers; they are required to make sure their kids don't know how to get to a site like  If they do, then that's probably the least thing to worry about.

Does Erotica Index collect other forms of information about its visitors?

A majority of the useful information obtained by Erotica Index about it's visitors is obtained by you, the web surfer.  Erotica Index does periodically gather anonymous information, which may be used by Erotica Index or shared with one it's affiliates or temporary affilitates (advertisers).  This is information which does not personally identify you, but which may be helpful for marketing purposes or for improving the services offered to you.  Generally this information is collected through "traffic data" and may entail the use of "IP addresses" or other numeric codes used to identify a computer.

Is my Personal Information secure from others using the Erotica Index site?

It had better be or we're all in a heap of shit.  In other words.. ahem.. It's all stored on secure operative environments that are not available to the public without a crowbar or a really nice unix box.

What the hell is wrong with you people and why don't you take down this site?

If this is one of your questions, allow me to first say you've just answered your own question.  You mention this site, then ask what's wrong with me.  That's like saying "Mr. Hunchback.. what's wrong with your back?".. It's got a big ass hump you damned fool!  In other words, we provide a useful service to people looking for adult entertainment for free.  We don't take down the site because we like to provide this service while in the mean time enjoying the torture of those who have no lives and hate pornograhpic material with such a passion that they go around harassing people. 


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