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Present Review - 1/19/01
Melissa, click here now!

We haven't been this happy with an AVS site since mardigrasbalcony.com. Usually we are just disappointed with the same old girls and false promises. With that said, Here is Melissa.

If you go to Melissa's site and read her bio, you learn quite a bit about this beautiful 18 year old. We were able to talk on the phone with Melissa and had a very interesting conversation. "When my older sister (http://www.mhgnet.com/michelle) told me about her site I was totally against it. I would always tell her to leave my name out of updates.I think it was right after my 18 birthday when she finally convinced me to get naked on the net!" Thank you Michelle...

With very little html skill, Melissa put together her very basic site. Incredibly easy navigation, wonderful layout on pictures, this site (and girl,) ranks very highly with us.

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