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What's New? Learn What We're Up To

As one of our News Year's resolution, we've given up the slacking off, the excuses, the hype, the beer...well, maybe not the bear but there are definitely some changes for the better in EI. I will personally go through every chategory and check for broken links so no one is left hanging or mad. We all want our porn and dangit we're gonna get it!

I haven't seen a whole lot of difference for the number of newsletter subscribers. C'mon you guys! Who can say no to hot sizzling treats right in your e-mail?! I have all kinds of stuff to give away - photos, screensavers, wallpapers, videos, and a whole lot more! I better see your name on the list soon!

Since the last "What's New" entry, we've had a couple of featured amateurs, as well as their gallery and review. Check Lusty Jade's and Hot Daisy's gallery now! Click Here

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What's New? Learn What We're Up To

Happy New Year to all! Big changes are enstore for Erotica Index in the year 2002. Yeah right, you say? Well damn skippy we say!

We're pushing our newsletter so sign up now for FREE. Get upto date information about Erotica Index and promising A-1 erotica sites. And as an added bonus, how about some sizzling, high quality amateur pictures handpicked by us!

It can only get better. Our database will now be updated daily with new sites making us your ultimate erotica resource on the web. Check out the new sites added today.

The main treat will be our Gallery section. From this moment on, we will be listing past hotties and their galleries so you will never lose track of them! Browse through their pictures and visit their sites all in one page. How cool is that?!

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What's New? Learn What We're Up To

A few small changes to the primary structure of the site have allowed more WebTV, Netscape, and AOL user support than ever before!

We've added a newsletter.  The new Erotica Index newsletter, provided to us by, will be sent out on a regular basis with news and info about your favorite amateurs and sites, adult games and fun, free stuff, and special offers.  The newsletter is totally FREE.  Sign up on the main page to begin recieving our newsletter!

There's a brand spankin' new site in the Reviews section.  It's a new twist on an old thing - Mardi Gras!  The New Orleans exciting festival period where guys get drunk, people get showered in beads and dabloons, and women show their tits in public!  You heard us right, hot women flashing for Mardi Gras trinkets in the view of the public.  This site,, gives you access to over a thousand of these rare Mardi Gras pics of women.  Go check out their samples and their free tour today!

By the way, in one of those pictures on their site in the crowd is one of the Erotica Index staff members before he came to E-Index!  He's eyeing up a woman bearing her chest, dirty bastard.

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Learn What We're Up To

New "What's New" layout.  Okay, it's not that much different, but it sure as hell looks better, right?
We want to thank everyone for visiting last week's brand new site, Patty, and hope to bring you more E-Index exclusive reviews!

The Erotica Index Gallery has been updated with all new photographs of Natalie!  Plus, we have reviewed her site in the reviews section.

The new featured site of the week is Sexy Alyssa - Our recent Gallery feature.  We intend on updating the Gallery more often now as we've limited how long people are available to advertise in it - We're presently booked for the Gallery until the beginning of 2001, so we can't be unfair to everyone.

Want to offer our services on your site?  It's easy as a link!  You can give your customers our search engine power with an Erotica Index Search Console.  Offering this service is just another way of saying "Thanks!" to the web surfers that make you who you are!

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Learn What We're Up To

We told you we'd let you know, and we're here doing that right now!  Patty Evans has launched her site.  She's a really nice girl, kind at heart - she's just a little on the exhibitionism side :)  She loves to be looked at, that's a big turn on for her, and in addition she's learning graphics design and html, so her web page is good in two ways for her.  She's got a great voice, we were trying to convince her to have some audio bytes on her site, and she might just do that.  Oh, and you tattoo fans - She's got some really cutsie ones, like the fairy tattoo.  If you go to her site (click here) you can see a couple of fairies on the very front.  Those aren't graphics, those are really taken from a tattoo on the small of her back!  Take a look at her site by clicking here.

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Learn What We're Up To

Have we got some news for you. First, Sexy Alyssa just launched her site like less than two full weeks ago, we almost missed her grand opening. That's one hell of a chick. She sent out general email to all the webmasters who were interested in helping her promote her way into the world of Amateurs on the net, and we were happy to oblige. Too bad we don't live anywhere near her }:-)
She's got easy navigation, a great body, and a low fan club fee. Plus, for the rest of this week she'll be our gallery featured girl, displaying her first pics exposed to the public. Sorry, the nude pictures are only available in the fan section of her site.
If you haven't noticed, we now have multi-lingual support for those of you who would rather use another language. It's located in our Erotica For Everyone! section. Go there and see our website in Italian!

Three, that's right, THREE new sites are about to launch and we have the inside scoop on all three!
The first is Patty Evans. She's your typical girl next door, with not so typical habits of exposing herself. We thank the powers that be for good looking exhibitionists. Her site isn't due for launch until probably the end of this week, and we'll be updating this info at that time with her URL so that customers can get in during her grand opening. Rumor has it she might be doing some sort of free trial, but then again, rumor also has it the E-Index staff are all handsom millionaires who do the site just for kicks.

Now, here comes the best news we have right now. Two brand spankin' new sites are starting up at the same time - Not out of coincidence, but because they're being run by two girls who know how to have fun with eachother. Holly Blake and Lisa Tate show it all off online! They're two totally hot blondes who are just getting started in the world of Amateur porn. They've quite their stewardess jobs on a major airline to give full attention to the making of their sites and the guys who love them. These two ex-stewardesses can buckle our seatbelts any time they want. Hell, I'll even let them recline my seat for me and check my overhead storage compartment! We'll be issuing their addresses for their brand new sites upon their grand openings, scheduled loosely for the end of next week (Friday of the eleventh).

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Learn What We're Up To

We just can't seem to stop working.  The Erotica Index Staff would like to announce we have added the GO network's translator bar, powered by Systran, to our Erotica For Everyone! page, with our new goal not only to be supportive of different kinds of software but different languages as well.  If you would rather see the site in a language other than English, please go there!

We also have begun doing something, starting today, Monday, that we should have begun a long time ago.  Each Site of the Week is getting a full review, the link to which will always be placed under the "Inside Erotica Index" table on the right hand side of the main page.  If you'd like to see our review on the site before you go strolling around, go to the present review here.

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Learn What We're Up To

The staff here at E-Index is proud to present Erotica For Everyone! This is our goal and commitment to the visitors and fans of Erotica Index.  Our mission is to make Erotica Index so that everyone is able to enjoy our site, no matter what kind of software they're using.  No longer will WebTV users, AOL users, or even Netscape users be inconvenienced by functions and features they presently do not support.  Please visit the Erotica For Everyone! page to learn more about this step our staff is taking.

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Learn What We're Up To

The gallery has been updated-we really suggest checking out those hot gorgeous pics of Maria.  The site of the week is Tinabell, and she's a little blonde hottie herself.

We'd like to say that it's been a pleasure being the new owners of E-Index, it's our pet and we're making sure it get's fed well.  New sites are added to our search list every hour as we update it with only top quality sites that don't give you the run around.   We invite webmasters to email us about traffic trades.  We may be big, but we could always get a little bigger and we're not afraid to help you in return.

You may have noticed we took the poll down.  It's a little old fashoined, but we may put it back up in the future.  We've also made some various changes throughout the site to make it run better and load faster for you.  Also, check out the "Inside Erotica Index" on the main page, it's full of our most important links and information!

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Learn What We're Up To

We're running hard to carefully go through the submitted sites for our search engine that have built up over the past month.  The guys at the office very carefully choose the sites we place here, and follow a very strict code - No BS sites.  A huge amount of banners and avdertisements, or a site that decieves the customer to going to another site, are just plain wrong and we don't support them.  That's right, you won't be getting pushed into popup hell or banner-land if we can help it.

The policy regarding getting listed on our search engine is going to change in the near future.  What we intend on doing is if you plan on using the peek-a-pic feature to get that added attention to your site, then we're going to require a link back to us.  Text or banner, your choice, but we won't support it if our banner is one in 50 at the bottom of your page.

We watch our referalls closely and always know where our traffic is coming from, and to the sites we get hits off of we say thank you - it's what makes the 'net go round.  More to come!

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